Raffi: Fun Food Songs (CD)

Fun Food Songs (CD)


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  • Release Date 11 November 2013
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This collection of songs from your favorite children's troubadour, Raffi, serves up 15 singable tracks that encourage children to have fun with food. Assembled from Raffi's quintessential Rounder Records albums, Fun Food Songs features sizzling sing-along originals, 'Peanut Butter Sandwich,' and 'Bananaphone,' and traditional songs like 'Down by the Bay.' Kids continue to be tickled by his sometimes silly lyrics about everything from apples and bananas to coconuts. They will also enjoy the interactive and playful nature of his music with 'Brush Your Teeth,' 'Five Little Pumpkins' and more. Fun Food Songs offers a collection of your family's favorite Raffi tunes to sing along with while sharing those special mealtime moments together.
1 Peanut Butter Sandwhich  
2 Brush Your Teeth  
3 Five Little Pumpkins  
4 Down By The Bay  
5 Going On A Picnic  
6 Corner Grocery Store  
7 Day O  
8 Biscuits In The Oven  
9 Oats & Beans & Barley Grow  
10 Savez-Vous Planter Des Choux  
11 Apples & Bananas  
12 Bananaphone  
13 Naturally  
14 Kitchen Sing Sing  
15 Coconut