Raffi: The Corner Grocery Store (CD)

The Corner Grocery Store (CD)


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  • Release Date 06 August 1991
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When you play this CD's title cut to a preschool class, you'll immediately know by the wild gales of laughter followed by multiple requests to "play it again!" that you have a hit on your hands. The wonderful visuals of "cheese walking on its knees" and "beans trying on some jeans," inspired by Raffi's lyrical adaptation of the traditional tune, are sure to tickle young funny bones. Children will also enjoy adding their own verses to the menu of "Going on a Picnic," steppin' high with "There Was a Girl from France," and clapping along with Raffi's cover of the Woody Guthrie animal dance tune, "Jig Along Home".
1 You'll Sing A Song And I'll Sing A Song  
2 Pick A Bale O'Cotton  
3 Frere Jacques  
4 There Came A Girl From France  
5 Cluck, Cluck, Red Hen  
6 Boom Boom  
7 Here Sits A Monkey  
8 My Way Home  
9 Les Zombis Et Les Loups - Garous  
10 Swing Low, Sweet Chariot  
11 Anansi  
12 The Corner Grocery Store  
13 Jig Along Home  
14 Popcorn  
15 Y U Un Rat - Sur Le Pont D'Avignon  
16 Going On A Picnic  
17 Rock-a-bye-baby  
18 Goodnight, Irene