Raffi: Quiet Time (CD)

Quiet Time (CD)


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  • Release Date 11 April 2006
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Raffi makes Quiet Time a special time. With his distinct brand of gentle humor and unique way of speaking directly to the heart of a child, The Children's Troubadour makes nap time, bedtime, cuddle time or just winding down time a warm and loving experience. Quiet Time, a collection of some of Raffi's favorite tranquil tunes combines the familiar (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Rockabye Baby) with beloved originals (Thanks a Lot) and finishes with the strikingly beautiful Blessed Be.
1 Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star  
2 Listen To The Horses  
3 Like Me And You  
4 Nursery Rhyme Medley  
5 Mary Wore Her Red Dress  
6 Fais Dodo  
7 Spring Flowers  
8 Slow Day  
9 Sunflower  
10 Thanks A Lot  
11 Row Row Row  
12 Haru Ga Kita  
13 Douglas Mountain  
14 Rock-a-bye-baby  
15 Blessed Be