Raffi: Owl Singalong (CD)

Owl Singalong (CD)


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  • Release Date 15 January 2016
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Owl Singalong is the latest masterful children s recording from Raffi, featuring 16 new songs incorporating a range of styles and a variety of instruments including strings, horns and ukulele. Raffi entertains his young fans with exuberant, infectious new tunes such as 'More We Sing Together' and 'Dog on the Bus,' sings in Spanish on 'Somos El Barco' and in French on 'Dans La Fort Lointaine.' He pays tribute to the late folk-music icon Pete Seeger with 'Garden Song' and a rollicking spoken-word rendition of the beloved African folk tale 'Abiyoyo.' The children's voices on this album are a total delight.
1 Owl Singalong  
2 I'm Not Small  
3 The More We Sing Together  
4 The Lion Pokey  
5 See The Moon  
6 Green Dream  
7 Every Day  
8 The Dog On The Bus  
9 Somos el Barco  
10 You May Be A Triangle  
11 Woo Hoo Could I Be?  
12 I Nod My Head  
13 Dans Le Foret Lointaine  
14 The Garden Song  
15 Blossoms  
16 Abiyoyo