Raffi: On Broadway (DVD)

On Broadway (DVD)


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  • Release Date 26 March 2021
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Raffi's parent fan base enjoys his messages about protecting the rain forest, banning nuclear weapons, and saving beluga whales. But his kid audience just likes the fact that his songs are fun and melodic and have a beat they can dance to. Kids and parents join together in the audience for this hour-long Broadway concert to listen to the troubadour's classics including "Rise and Shine" and "Down by the Bay," as well as his versions of such standbys as "Day-O" and "This Little Light of Mine." Whether he's making puns, purposely messing up rhymes, or adopting a hip posture as "Rappin' Raffi," the audience cracks up almost as often as they applaud. (Be warned: When he speaks into a banana, it's "an organically grown banana.") He invites a group of kids to join him onstage for the finale, a reprise of "Love in My Family."
1 Overture (Live)  
2 All I Really Need (Live)  
3 Rise And Shine (Live)  
4 Rainstorm (Live)  
5 Big Beautiful Planet/Clean Rain (Live)  
6 The Bowling Song (Live)  
7 Like Me And You (Live)  
8 The Banana Boat Song (Day-O) (Live)  
9 De Colores (Live)  
10 Will I Ever Grow Up (Live)  
11 Everything Grows (Live)  
12 Baby Beluga (Live)  
13 K.S.E. Promise Song (Live)  
14 Evergreen, Everblue (Live)  
15 One Light, One Sun (Live)  
16 This Little Light Of Mine (Live)  
17 Brush Your Teeth  
18 Down By The Bay (Live)  
19 All I Really Need (Reprise) [Live]  
20 Haru Ga Kita (Live)  
21 May There Always Be Sunshin (Live)