Raffi: In Concert (DVD)

In Concert (DVD)


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  • Release Date 26 March 2021
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This first filmed concert by Raffi illustrates his immense charm. The soft-spoken singer leads his turquoise-clad, four-member band through 20 songs with a rapt audience of kids and parents singing along. Raffi's easy manner and fluid vocals create an atmosphere that is very welcoming to youngsters, easily going from cute songs ("Apples and Bananas") to popular songs ("Day O") to a Spanish number ("De Colores") without ever losing them. The video also captures another key element of Raffi's success--his gaze is always inviting. The songs (also available on CD) include Raffi favorites "Everything Grows" and "Baby Beluga" and lots of standards.
1 Time To Sing (Live)  
2 Tingalayo (Live)  
3 Rise And Shine (Live)  
4 Five Little Ducks (Live)  
5 Bath Time (Live)  
6 Apples And Bananas (Live)  
7 De Colores (Live)  
8 Day O (Live)  
9 Fais Do Do (Live)  
10 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Live)  
11 Knees Up Mother Brown (Live)  
12 Like Me And You (Live)  
13 Baby Beluga (Live)  
14 Shake My Sillies Out (Live)  
15 All I Really Need (Live)  
16 He's Got The Whole World (Live)  
17 One Light, One Sun (Live)  
18 This Little Light Of Mine (Live)  
19 The More We Get Together (Live)  
20 Everything Grows (Live)