Raffi: Bananaphone (CD)

Bananaphone (CD)


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  • Release Date 26 February 2016
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Though generally thought of as the king of music for the preschool set, Raffi has evolved from being strictly a little kid's performer to being a family entertainer, and it's evident in this 1995 release. More-sophisticated musical arrangements, a broader repertoire, greater vocal versatility, and intricate lyrics make this almost magical musical mix an album for every member of the family. Whether you're more fond of boppin' with "Shake a Toe," joining in a refrain on the bouncy title cut, or relishing in the poignancy of the gentle "Changing Garden of Mr. Bell" and the Native American tribute "First Peoples," there's enough variety here to appeal to a greater audience than Raffi may have enjoyed in the past.
1 Bananaphone  
2 Shake A Toe  
3 The World We Love  
4 Slow Day  
5 The Changing Garden Of Mr. Bell  
6 Naturally  
7 Spring Flowers  
8 C-A-N-A-D-A  
9 Michael, Row The Boat Ashore  
10 First Peoples  
11 Dee Myth  
12 Cowlit Night  
13 The Gorilla Song  
14 Simple Gifts  
15 Down By The Riverside  
16 The Shmenge Polka