Raffi: A Young Children's Concert (DVD)

A Young Children's Concert (DVD)


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  • Release Date 27 September 2005
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Raffi is something of an icon in the world of children's music, and it's no wonder when you see his folksy, expressive style and his talent for inspiring young children. This concert video features Raffi and his guitar on a simple stage before an audience brimming with enthusiastic young faces. Raffi sings a wonderful mix of 18 classic and original songs, many from The Singable Songs Collection, while beaming audience members clap, stomp, gesture, jump, and thoroughly enjoy themselves. Several pieces are performed acappella, and there are even solo segments on kazoo and "air trumpet." So what's the best thing about Raffi? You'll have to decide whether it's his uncanny appeal to children, the comical lyrics in his original songs, his simple yet expressive treatment of well-loved children's songs, or the fact that parents can listen repeatedly to his music without losing their sanity.
1 The More We Get Together (Live)  
2 You Gotta Sing (Live)  
3 Six Little Ducks (Live)  
4 Bumpin' Up And Down (Live)  
5 Baa Baa Black Sheep (Live)  
6 I've Been Working On The Railroad (Live)  
7 Peanut Butter Sandwhich (Live)  
8 Brush Your Teeth (Live)  
9 Y A Un Rat (Live)  
10 Mr. Sun (Live)  
11 Wheels On The Bus (Live)  
12 Corner Grocery Store (Live)  
13 Something In My Shoe (Live)  
14 Thanks A Lot (Live)  
15 Baby Beluga (Live)  
16 Shake My Sillies Out (Live)  
17 Down By The Bay (Live)  
18 He's Got The Whole World (Live)