La Zarra: Traîtrise album (CD)

Traîtrise album (CD)

La Zarra

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  • Release Date 03 December 2021
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The highly anticipated debut album from La Zarra - 'Traîtrise'. Available to order as a digipak CD.

The voice of La Zarra is a theater, an orchestra in full performance in the heart of an emotional storm. Canadian-born singer-songwriter, La Zarra mixes genres, erases eras and outlines a new path where clichés implode and eventually disappear. Influenced by Edith Piaf (whose timbre hers is reminiscent of), Barbara or Brel, she also finds her inspiration in Damso, PNL or SCH. With her, hip hop crosses the lines of French chanson.

Tracklisting :

1. Fille de joie
3. Simple ami
4. Tu t’en iras
6. Traitrise
7. Pas le cœur à la fête
8. Comme je l’aime
9. Amour de quartier
10. Ne m’en veut pas
11. Fleur oubliée
12. Je coule
13. Vie d’artiste
14. C’est une chanson